The festival was born in 2003 as the very first European event completely dedicated to surf music. With a load of great bands passed on our stage, we repeated it in 2004.

Now the time for the 3rd edition has come: welcome to the SurferJoe Summer Festival 2008. Come and join us for two days of incredible surf music and fun!

S.S. Aurelia, Loc. Romito, Livorno
» How To Get There

Plus these friends on the side stage...



Host and guest of the event: Unsteady Freddie from N.Y.
our friend & surf music maniac (

You cannot miss to check out the two radio shows:



16.30 The Surfadelics
17:45 Jaguar & The Savanas
19:30 The Crashmen
21:00 The Charades
22:15 The Vibrants
23:30 Wadadli Riders & Daddy-O Grande
17:00 I Surfoniani
18:15 The Wavers
19:30 The Wet-Tones
21:00 The Sunny Boys
22:30 The Barbwires
23:30 The Bitch Boys
Updates comin' in
the next days!

16:00 Favolosi Traslatori
Great garage/psychedelic show
20:30 Sexual Chocolate
Be ready for superb blues/rock
18:00 I Rifflessi
The Italian face of 60s surf beat
22:00 Gli Ambaciatori dell'Amore
Fantastic beat from the fabulous 60s

Attention musicians: join us for the SURF JAM SESSION, get on stage and play!
All the instruments are already here, open mic, you are more than welcome.

You will then stay for lunch with us at the SurferJoe's restaurant (check out > Food & Drink).

What's on the days BEFORE and AFTER the festival? Well, more parties... read a little below.

DIRECTIONS: you are coming by...

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to come to the festival

EXHIBITORS: how to participate to the Summer Festival

Besides the concerts, the festival presents an exhibition area where various companies and friends come to show their products and sell. Any kind of exhibitor is well accepted and any idea is evaluated. So feel free to send us an inquiry. The participation rate is very affordable and guarantees a minimum of 2x2 meters covered space with electricity.

E: - T: +39 347-1490186 (Italy) - T: +1 (268) 764-8464 (Other)
Use the SurferJoe's contact form: click here


SurferJoe's booth: you will find CDs and merchandise of all the bands and our partners, including original stuff from the Huntington Beach Surfin' Museum. Get a free try of music instruments including the great DiPinto guitars with Daddy-O Grande from Los Straitjackets. You cannot miss it! (

  SurfGuitar101 T-Shirts available at the festival !!!
...but only in very very limited quantity. So come to check out the SurferJoe's booth as you come in.

<< Click on the icon to see the details of the design

  Liuteria Alvermann: next to SurferJoe's you will be able to try out a few interesting guitars and instruments including DiPinto, Danelectro and Mosrite. These guys are the importers and resellers for many brands and will give you the chance to compare, test, evaluate and listen to their products. Moreover you can inquiry about their activity as they execute professional repairs and modifications of guitars and amplifiers. (

  Straight To Hell: clothing, caps, posters, merchandise, CDs, LPs and much more. See all possibilities and get info about producing your own band's products! ( Download their PDF catalogue

  Misty Lane: magazine, association, TeenSound Records, distribution and merchandise. Nice to see our friend Massimo with all his production. (

  Il Nido Del Cuculo: artists, booking, dubbing, videos, productions... all in the most funny way! The guys will come with a nice booth of shirts and collectibles, plus they will support locally the festival's promotion.
English speaking people: you won't understand much of this... Italiani & livornesi: boia de'. Grazie a Paolino e al leggendario Prof. Dellic! (

Hoasy the legendary surf shop in Livorno! Nice booth with products for sale and exhibition. Moreover, in collaboration with Eastpak, they will sell and customize bags and surf wear.

Fred Lammers will be here, next to SurferJoe, showcasing his artworks. You need to see what this guy can do!

  Groovy: street and casual clothing, Livorno.   LI per LI: information and news about local events around Livorno and Tuscany. Subscribe to their newsletter to stay always up tp date.  

  Fermata D'Autobus: vintage clothing and memorabilia. This is cool stuff guys! Big booth with misc items original from 50s and 60s.

  Wilder-Davoli: these are Italian legends from the 50s! There was a time when ALL Italian bands used Davoli... Now they distribute a large amount of instruments brands for Italy and will be present with a nice showcase of guitars and more. You can ask, try, buy some of the most exciting products available like Eastwood guitars! Check them out at


Smile... you will be probably filmed to go on the first movie/documentary about the history of surf music! The crew of this production will be present at the festival, guided by John Blair, surf music guru and member of the legendary Jon & The Nightriders, to shoot the event and include parts of it into the movie.

This is HUGE my friends, thanks to the production team who have chosen to come to SurferJoe's !!


The official SurferJoe Summer Festival t-shirts, by Straight To Hell with the original graphics from Fred Lammers, will be produced in very limited quantity. Don't waste your time, send us an email and we will keep one for you. You will pay it and get it at the SurferJoe's booth.

Only 10.00 Euros and you'll get the nicest souvenir of the event!

SCOOTERS MEETING: join our friendly reunion

  Join our friendly meetings in collaboration with Livorno Vespa Club.
Come freely to showcase your vehicle, have a nice ride on the beautiful coast roads of the town and arrive to the festival. You will find a prepared parking in the exhibition area.

Write us for more further information. Participation is absolutely FREE !!

FOOD & DRINK: we offer complete service!

At Calafuria you will find everything you NEED: lots of food, lots of drinks.
We organize 2 full bars in the concert area, open all day, and a very good restaurant upstairs, overlooking the whole location with a splendid view of the sea. ALL YOU CAN EAT: we offer a menu at fixed and reasonable price, you buy your ticket and go!

... and it's not over...

Mokaras, kind sponsor of the festival, will manage the SWEET CORNER offering great coffee, donuts and croissants all night long and at breakfast time on sunday morning.
You really cannot miss this event!

ACCOMMODATION: where to go to sleep

  Even if we hope you will stay with us until late night, you will need some rest...
SurferJoe is collaborating with the local hostel Villa Morazzana, a beautiful and cheap accommodation located on the hills above Livorno, at just 10 min. driving distance from the festival. The only suggestion: book fast!

Hostel and hotel availability. Send us an inquiry and book directly with SurferJoe
T: +39 347-1490186 (Italy) - T: +1 (268) 764-8464 (Other)


Other choices

Agenzia per il turismo:

Via del Littorale, 220 - 57128 Livorno
T: +39 0586 580402

Saint Michael
Via della Bigattiera, 24 Tirrenia
T: +39 050-33103

Collina 1
Via Di Quercianella, 377 Castellaccio Montenero
57128 Livorno
T: +39 0586-579573

Via Delle Mimose,12 Calambrone
T: +39 050-32220/32038

Mare e Sole
Viale del Tirreno, Calambrone
T: +39 050-32757

Via Litoranea, 7 Marina di Pisa
T: +39 050-35211
  Campeggio Mareblu
Via Dei Campilunghi Mazzanta 57023 Marina di Cecina (Li)
T: +39 0586-629191

Camping Delle Gorette
Via Campilunghi le Gorette 57023 Marina di Cecina (Li)
T: +39 0586-622460

Bocca di Cecina
Via Guado alle Vacche, 2 San Pietro in Palazzi 57023 Cecina (Li)
T: +39 0586-620509

Le Capanne
Via Aurelia Km 273 La California 57128 Livorno
T: +39 0586-600064

New Camping Le Tamerici
Via della Cecinella, 5 57023 Marina di Cecina (Li)
T: +39 0586-620629

PRE & POST FESTIVAL EVENTS: before and after the big event...

Partying is never enough! So come on here even before the 16th of August and stay one more day.
We have a couple more exciting fiestas goin' on.

  August 15th, Calambrone, Pisa
Stabilimento OASI DEL MARE
Great party on the beach!

Live show with

Daddy-O Grande & Wadadli Riders (USA / Italy / Antigua)
The masked guitarist of Los Straitjackets with the only surf band from the Caribbean together for the very first time

The Charades (Finland)
Voted many times as the best instrumental rock band in Europe, an amazing mix of sound and technique

The Vibrants (Spain)
Crazy, cool and irresistible surf rockin' band, with guitars and vocals for a dancin' night of fun!

Dj set with the coolest 60s tunes!
You cannot miss this to warm up before the big festival.

NEW PARTY ON MONDAY 18th: more info comin' soon... we are working on it.
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Festival artwork by the
great Fred Lammers

Yes, it's true, you don't
have to pay anything at all

Bring the family, kids are
always very welcome to all
our events

Free wi-fi available
at SurferJoe's booth

The festival is proudly
presented in
collaboration with...

Studio Goldoni Sas
Via Goldoni n. 16/18
Studio Livorno Centro Sas
Via San Francesco n. 77

Thanks to our friends

Online Store

Cibi & Vini
Via Prov. Pisana, 60 - Livorno
T: 0586-422259

Come to contribute for
you will find the stands
in the festival area

Surf booking by
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